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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 20, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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to hack into his personal inbox, how difficult woulduld you say it is? >> oh, it's 8 out of 10. >> hackers strike national security officials. >> a hacker gained access to the personal e-mail of john brennan an gabe johnson. >> a student correctly guessed the password of any 81 using aol is password. >> zrump not a serious candidate as relates to foreign policy. >> jeb bush fights back with donald trump. >> donald trump is allegedly sounding like a whacko. >> oscar pistorius under house arrest after serving a year for fatally shooting reeva steenkamp. one neighborhood in los angeles county was completely under water smr the people oust conservative prime minister stephen harper and elect prime minister justin trudeau. >> it's time for a clang in this country, my friends, a real change. >> websites nearly collapsed
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under the people trying to buy tickets for "star wars, the force awakens kwmpblts. officials arrest a machete whooeld wielding man after he is hit nearly by two cars. >> they had three home runs! >> seven turnovers, hard lay work of art. but if are you an eagle fan, who cares? >> all that matters -- >> charlie rose is named the 2015 recipient of the walter cronkite award if journalism. >> i get to work with the best people in my profession. they are not only my colleagues, they are my heroes. >> on "cbs this morning." >> we asked kids in l.a. what they think about new yorkers and asked kids in new york on los angeles. >> what's the best. of new york? >> donald trump is will there? >> who is better for the
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zblmpbls zblmpbls. welcome to "cbs this morning." an urgent investigation is under way to find a hacker who broke into the personal e-mail accounts of two of the nation's top national security officials. sources confirm a breach in the accounts of cia director john brennan and homeland security secretary jeh jonson. >> they posted stolen information online. he told them the next target is a source at the pentagon. our source at the pentagon tells us this morning there is no indication of a new attack. >> reporter: good morning, "cbs news" has learned there may be more than one person responsible for the sieb were attack a. person claims to be behind it tells cbs news there are six people in hills group who
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breached the accounts in the same twitter handle that released the private e-mail accounts of the cia director and homeland security is claiming to have access to an account of the official at the white house. there are threats of more disclosures to come. the person tweeting under the now disabled twitter handle cwa followed through on threats to release sensitive information on monday. you know we don't lie, what you have all been waiting for, sorry for the delay. along with that statement came an attachment with the names, social security numbers and phone numbers with people affiliated with the head of the cia. there is a common thread. many worked for president obama's transition team during the 2008 campaign t. hacker, who claims took a high school
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came from the private aol account for john brennan. >> that person climbs to have hacked into the coil cast account of homeland secretary jah johnson t.cia says it referred the matter to the appropriate authorities. on twitter, the hacker appeared to be taunting officials and others in government before the act was suspended. with tweets like this one, yen one know who we should target next, exposition a motive for his criminal act. we are not doing this for personal satisfaction, innocent people in palestine are being killed daily. while it is impossible to confirm his identity the person who says he is behind the attack, says all of the people in his group live in the u.s. and have not yet been contacted by investigators. law enforcement sources say this is a criminal investigation and they are working to track the suspect or suspects down. gayle. >> all right, thank you, jeff.
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therere are more mixed signals there morning surrounding v vice president joe bidenen and the presidential rarace. but a brand-newew poll shows only 30% of d democrats want biden to run. 38% sasay, he should stay outut t. survey finds bidenis daughter in law, halle biden, widow of his son beau. giving a speech on climate change at the white house monday the vice president made just one reference to the 2016 race, so quick, many missed it. >> i don't consider republicans enemies, they're friends.
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>> it was a veiled shot at this joking response at last week's debate. >> which enemy are you most proud of? >> well, in addition to the nra the health insurance companies the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> reporter: wide. >> reporter: biden may be 3rd, backers say they would be somewhat likely to support the vice president if he got in the race. >> hillary, believe it or not, i don't think you like her too much. >> in south carolina, republican front runner donald trump touted his widening lead there and everywhere else. >> i love the pulse. say well other people don't touk u talk about polls, because they're doing lousy, south
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in nevada we're number 1 by a lot. in florida, we're way up. just to finish this, connecticut, i'm at 34, 2nd place is 14. let's have this election immediately. >> his gop rival jeb bush launched a new effort to wave the attacks off his brother's legacy as president. trump argued money isn't jeb bush's problem. >> his worest $125 million. you know where he is in the polls, if you don't resonate, few don't get in the polls, all the money in the world isn't going to help you. >> one person who struggled is former virginia senator jim webb. he's at 1%. he's holding a press conference where he's expecting to considering running as an independent. >> thanks, nancy afternoon. a few republican poll this morning showing donald trump and ben carson far ahead of the field as trump has cold us.
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trump has 27% support. carson is at 22%. jeb bush and marco rubio tied at 3rd with 8%. carley fiorina lost more than two-thirds of her support in the last month. homeland security is review reviewing from the trump and secret service. carson says the idea of extra security did not come from him. >> secret service and campaign came to him and said we need the secret service protection. the bottom line is there have been a lot of threats, obviously, it's considered legitimate. >> secret service requests are not unusual at this point in a campaign. president obama's detail arrived a year-and-a-half before he won the white house. this morning an independent investigation isnd way after the deadly shooting of a delray police officer. 31-year-old cory jones
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apparently home last week when he car broke down. within hours, he was dead. >> good morning, cory jones was the grandson of a church bishop and 49 er antoine bolden. he had car trouble early sunday morning when he was approached by a plain clothes police officer who drove up in an unmarked squad car. investigation. family members say they knew something was wrong when cory jones didn't show up for sunday you are church services. be right there. if you needed a shirt, he would give you his shirt. warm. >> he'd play drums at the bible church of god in boynton beach. after leaving a gig in jupiter, florida early sunday morning, jones' suv broke down on an interstate 95 exit ramp.
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who called roadside assistance. just after 3:00 a.m., a police officer arrived. in a statement on facebook the palm beach gardens police department said, quote, newman raja on duty in a plain clothes capacity, in an unmarked police vehicle, stopped to investigate what he leaved to be an abandoned vehicle. as the officer exited his vehicle, he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject. as a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm resulting in the death of the subject. officer raja joined the force in april. the 38-year-old officer was fought wearing a body camera and none of the department squad cars are fitted with dashboard cameras. jones was a graduate of the university of akron in ohio and worked for the delray beach housing authority. >> it's a big blow, a big blow. it hurt, man. it hurts so bad. >> reporter: with no cameras and
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wants answers. >> he grew up with the drums over there. we taught him a few things about life and being a gentleman. >> palm beach gardens police have not said what type of weapon jones allegedly had. relatives say they don't think he owned a gun. officer raja has been placed on paid administrative leave following departmental policy. >> michelle, thank you so much. played runner oscar pistorius is out of prison this morning in south africa. he will be under house arrest for the rest of his five-year sentence for the manslaughter death of his girlfriend pistorius was whisked out of jail last night and brought here to his uncle's plush victoria home. there was no sign of oscar pistorius a. family spokes woman came outside to speak to the media.
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>> it's very important for the family to emphasize that oscar's sentence hasn't been shortened or reduced. he's simply entering the next phrase i phase of his sentence now. >> reporter: tis pistorius' trial was an emotional roller coaster. he stumbled his way through his testimony, he shot his girlfriend four times behind a locked bathroom door saying he thought she was an intrierd. >> it's not true, my lady. >> why are you getting emotional now? >> i did not fire at reeva! >> reporter: the court accepted this and found him guilty of manslaughter, not murder, sentencing him to five years behind bars. there were no gang ridden cell blocks for pistorius, he was even filmed playing football on one occasion. now he will leave his luxury mansion to report to a police station and his lawyer explains he will probably only be
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>> he will be underened house arrest, which is a form of detention, where his movements will be ld find himself back in jail before the end of the year. charlie. >> thanks, debra. this morning, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is blaming the president for the recent surge in violence. he success mahmoud abbas is inciting unrest with his words.
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peterson is in killed. all of this upping the feerp in this country that no place is safe. clashes yesterday at a check point that a guarantee that this country will remain on edge. the real dread is about random murder, an attacker sunday killed a soldier before being killed. an innocent man was beaten and a man thought he was a terrorist. he died later at hospital. benjamin netanyahu criticized israelis involved in the beating. no one, he says, should take the law into their own hands. palestinian and jewish neighborhoods are often side-by-side. police are now putting in ever more barricades in some areas to keep them apart. on the palestinian side, retired school administrator. >> it seems it will take they
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problems, but i don't think it helps. >> reporter: same area, israeli side, she lives next to palestinians and she is unnerved by this new violence. >> it's not good for setting israelis on fire. nor. >> reporter: >> oh, pow, thank you,. this morning voters in canada have thrown out their long time party leader, justin trudeau will take over after a crushing win. he promises new government spending after more than nine years of tax cuts and budget restraints. he's the son of former prime minister pierre trudeau who led canada from the 1960s to the 1980s outgoing prime minister stephen harper stepped down, saying he is responsible for the defeat.
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urgent warning for moms to be a. new report from the american academy of pediatrics says an expectant mother should respect all forms of alcohol during your pregnancy. no amount of alcohol should be considered safe. it adds that all forms of alcohol, such as beer, wine, liquor pose similar risk. this advice goes against other research, that small amounts of alcohol may be harmless, dr. homily philips joins us at the table to sort it all out. what is a pregnant lady to do? we always heard you should not drink any alcohol, balls it could hurt the developing fetus. >> you are absolutely right. this idea is far from now. now there are good reasons to enforce it. the american pediatrics went ahead and reiterated their stance, no amount of alcohol is safe during their pregnancy at any point. but still, 10% of american women drink alcohol. 3% binge drink. >> that means more than four
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affects to that. a survey of 1st graders shows 2.5 and 5% have some effect of fetal alcohol disorder. >> what is one class if saying it has been okay. >> there are have been studies one to two class ifs a week, they found no measurable harm to the fetus. but the issue sheer that the american academy of pediatrics want to emphasize, we don't know how much if any is safe or at any point in the pregnancy. go ahead. >> many women don't know they're pregnant for the first few weeks of pregnancy, what should be >> right. absolutely, we, in fact, know that some of the most harmful effects of alcohol happen in the first six weeks before many women know. so we need to emphasize trying to avoid fit you think you possibly could be pregnant. >> what are fetal alcohol spectrum disorders? >> right. symptoms.
7:18 am
some are physical from problems with the heart development, bones, vision problems, hearing problems, but most are cognitive and increased risk of attention deficit disorder, as well as memory problems and learning disabilities. what i tellpy patients is, we know of no possible benefits to the fetus of drinking alcohol. so it's all downside as much as we can avoid it, we should. >> i think that's important. that's clear. >> thank you very much. a major expose by the "new
7:19 am
what our sources are claimingg . >> dashcam video has insight into johnny manziel. >> what the athlete says about
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his girlfriends that drew police to the scene. >> the news is right back here
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talk about her new books her mom and another famous daughter ivan ka trump.
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up i i good morning siouxland... i'm jacob heller. here's a look at your morning news. jake>> new life for a bit of sioux city's riverfront... and the end of the line for a historic north side home. those are two of the biggest decisions from last night's sioux city city council meeting. the council unanimously approved a contract to do 2 point 2 million dollar repair to the police and fire headquarters building downtown.
7:26 am
the building was only built in the late 1980s... but it's had a lot of mold issues... plumbing and electrical problems... and foundational cracks. work on renovations to fix some of those problems and make the building more energy efficient will start right away. city officials expect the project to take about a year and a half to finish. the council also agreed to spend 45 - thousand dollars to study the future development of the city's riverfront... like where the argosy casino was docked. the consultant doing the study will come up with a master plan for chris larsen park and the surrounding area... which'll be submitted to the public to think about. mayor bob scott says it's important the public has a say in the future of the riverfront. one possible use? an r - v park on the iowa side of the missouri river...
7:27 am
r - v park in south sioux city. . what are people from l.a. like? >> slow. >> what do you think about people from new york? >> people are crazy. >> what do you think about people from los angeles? >> i think that they're mostly into plastic surgery. >> who is better, the mets or the dodgers? >> feeding fees. >> what do people in l.a. complain about. >> there is too much gluten in the world. >> what's the worst. about new york?
7:28 am
>> donald trump's there. plauz. >> i wonder that's what they've heard in the kitchen? >> listen when your parents are talking, your children are listening. jimmy kimmel is doing a show from brooklyn this week. coming up in this half hour, amazon chief spokesman plasts the "new york times" for critical work culture t. "time's" is firing right back. why amazon is bringing this up again two months after the story began. newly released video involving johnny manziel, hear what he and his girlfriend told police. why the nfl is watching this show closely. >> that is ahead. the "wall street journal" says text start-ups are feeling an ipo chill. so far this year, only 14% of initial public offerings have been done by tech companies. >> that is the lowest since at least the mid-1990s. the downturn is largely to blame on tech companies seeking valuations above the public
7:29 am
investors are willing to pay. usa today reports on the white house getting big business to help fight climate change. it wants companies to pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions ahead of the talks in paris. on monday, 68 new companies agree to clean energy moves. a total of 81 countries have made commitments. the third ceo in a month, the airline for united blames eric hart. he replaces oscar munoz who suffered a heart attack last week. >> the washington post reports businesses are suspending accusations of racial profiling. last week with eshowwe showed you to alert each other and police they say are acting suspiciously t. group says the app worked as a deterrent. in the statement, the group ceo acknowledges, quote, legitimate
7:30 am
concerns about the use of the app and its potential to wrongly identify shoppers as shoplifters. the "new york times" is investigating its investigation of after the online giant launched a surprising counterattack. two months ago they took a look at the work culture. amazon is off its strongest rejection yet. in a scathing progress post monday, former white house secretary and spokesperson jay carney accused the "new york times" of failing to follow journalism 101. had the reporters checked their facts, carney wrote, the story they published would have been a lot more sensational, balanced and let's be honest a lot more boring. amazon landed on the front page of the "time's" in august, predicting a little known workers and redrawing the boundary of what is acceptable.
7:31 am
talked about the findings on "cbs this morning." >> we did hear about people who felt they suffered from cancer and serious pregnancy loss, evaluated quickly after those things happened. >> carney responded. >> amazon wouldn't be the success it is if it were in the "new york times." >> employee beau olson said nearly every person i worked with, i saw cry at their desk. on monday, he disputed that account saying he left after he was accused of defrauding vendors. they responded monday saying olson denies amazon's version of events. any reading of the responses leaves no doubt this was an act rat portrait. carney fired back saying, yet again, despite the interviews, it doesn't explain why they chose not to check the stories of their most critical on the
7:32 am
>> "cbs news" mellody hobson is in san francisco, talking to her sources of what's behind. amazon. melody, good morning. >> good morning. >> we pointed out this new york time's story was published in the middle of august. what do you make of the timeing? >> i have to tell you, this one is a head scratcher. i made a lot of calls. i talked to people at the highest levels of media, technology and retailing. people are confused. they said the first rule of business don't fight with the press. there are two theories. the story has gotten under jeff beso's skin. it's gotten personal. he can't live with the way the company is being depicted. the other story, it's a theory, there is a lot of internal pressure inside the company. there was a lot of internal pressure to respond and, therefore, they felt they had to do it. the story was too big and too public. >> has the company's bottom line
7:33 am
doesn't it run the risk now of drawing more negative attention to the company. >> no sign the bottom line has been affected t. stock did not take a hit when this story came out. there is no sense that people have stopped buying things from amazon because of the story. we'll know more this week about how the company is doing. because on thursday, they will report earnings, but even if those earnings are soft for some reason, i think it will be hard to tie it back to this story. so, yes, not sure why to rib the scab off again and have the story continue. not sure why they're doing it. >> if you thought it was an inaccurate story, it would seem you'd want to do it, melody. >> here's the. when i ask people directly, yeah itself the culture like? everyone said to a person intense, they used words like intense, they used words like brutal. they also said this culture gets the very best out of people. it gets them to do things they
7:34 am
one pom said before people burn out. they say they've done the best work of their career. >> that clearly is representative in their results. this is a business that sold 5 billion items last year to 270 million people. i mean, it is huge. >> are they having trouble getting new employees? >> here's an interesting. from a senior person who keeps ongoing communications with lots of the high level people, they said that the recruit. has not suffered in anyway, but this is a direct quote, this story is occuriosty for recruits, they're bring aing it up in their interviews. they have to deal with it. >> very interesting. thank you, mem di hobson, joining us from good old san francisco, ahead the police dash-cam video before the heisman trophy winner and his
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tt4watx# gt r dzlq =:h tt4watx# gt r enlq m>( tt4watx# gt r gzl& t9p ed down safely. no one was hurt. you know what i'm thinking, i don't want remarkable video on a plane. >> storm chaser. >> storm chaser. >> somebody that tracks the storm. so they're looking at lightning. they're looking at the winds. >> that irlooking at the hurricanes. i want an uneventful flight. that's the best kind. >> no defense from me. this morning, they are reviewing a road side fight t. cleveland
7:40 am
heisman trophy winner t. dash-cam video police reports and 911 calls have been released. man sem's girlfriend says the athlete chuck struck her several times. adriana diaz released yesterday, three witnesses were alarmed enough to call 911. be i the time police arrived, johnny manziel's white nissan sports car has pulled off the road and colleen crowley was sitting in a ditch. according to dash-cam video, pan sem said the couple was enjoying a day out on the town last monday when crowley accused him of trying to meet other girls. that's when things went downhill. >> she said i was driving to crazy to injure or hurt her,
7:41 am
she pulls tout window, grabs my wallet and threw it. >> she indicated -- >> reporter: crowley who had a small abrasion on her wrist told police, quote, manziel pushed her head against the glass of the car and that he quote hit her a couple of times. >> we have been dating for over a year. and he freaked out and i'm not used to it. >> he got a man opened. >> reporter: witnesses said manziel, also known as johnny football, was speeding and driving recklessly. >> there's a lady in the passenger's seat trying to jump out, and the guy is poking her, rubbing her neck. >> i appreciate you calling 911. in another 9 learn calm, manziel can be overheard pleading with crowley. >> baby, please! >> it appears the girl might be intoxicated. >> okay. >> i can take her home. >> manziel who checked into a drug and alcohol rehab facility earlier this year smelled
7:42 am
slightly of alcohol but did not appear intoxicated. crowley allegedly had quote blood shot eyes, slurred speech, having difficulty no cushion and acted bridge represently towards officers and a good samaritan who wanted to help. >> [ bleep ] you. >> whoa, whoa, no, [ bleep ] that girl, too. >> police unable to determine the primary aggressor. manziel tweeted it was a dumb public argument that looked more interesting than it was. on an instagram post later delete. crowley wrote, j and i are good. bill cowher co-host of the nfl today the wunt highly touted former hiezman trophy winner has become a distraction and should be cut from his team. >> i think he's a back-up quarterback at best. he's a distraction off the field.
7:43 am
but after a second chance, to test. he didn't appear intoxicated. not for receiving any kind of special treatment. >> bill cowher taking a strong stance there. >> can't be helpful to mr. manziel, this whole incident. >> we're going to go out on that limb, charlie. get a good look. it was helpful to a lot of people last night. >> what? >> there was new excitement for "star wars" fans. >> i thought you were going to say charlie a war. >> we'll get to. that i will get to that in a minute. first, this little trailer. >> star wars coming. >> i will finish what you started.
7:44 am
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i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> the force. >> it's calling to you. >> just meditate. >> that is the new movie trailer. exciting "tar wars" fans around the globe. pre sales started last night t. man was so heavy, he crashed websites, including fandango. some fans in hollywood waited in line to guarantee their seats. the force awakens, hits theaters
7:48 am
december 18th. >> i'm going out on another limb, i think it will do well. a prediction. >> manziel should behave in "star wars." >> it will be great. >> i love it. >> you are up all night. impress in her new book. that's right here on "cbs this morning." [ music playing ]ects often seemed...
7:49 am
. it is tuesday, october 20th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including chelsea clinton right here in studio 57. she just walked into the green room. her new book shows children how they can make a difference. plus she looks ahead to the 2015 vote. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the person claiming to be behind it tells cbs news there are six people in his group who breached the account. >> the only person who hasn't weighed in on whether or not the vice president is running is the vice president himself. >> homeland security this
7:50 am
from the trump and carson campaigns for secret service protection. >> all trump all the time. you can't advertise because people would o.d. on trump. over. >> just one day short of a year behind bars, oscar pistorius was last night. >> there was another stabbing attack in the west bank. a soldier was injured, the assailant was killed. >> browns are taking the matter seriously. manziel did not play sunday and is still on the active roster. >> yes. whoa! >> hey, jack? did you eat a cupcake? >> no! >> you didn't eat a cupcake? >> no, i wasn't at home. >> are you sure you didn't eat a cupcake? >> no. >> hmm, i thought you maybe had a cupcake. >> no. >> no? >> no. >> definitely not? >> no. >> not like in the last couple minutes? >> no. >> no cupcake for jack? >> this morning's "eye opener"
7:51 am
at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a new democratic poll shows hillary clinton widening her lead over bernie sanders. the poll was taken after last week's debate. it shows 54% of democratic leaning voters support clinton. sanders only has 23%. >> in another new poll, democrats are sending signals to vice president joe biden. 38% say he should stay out of the race. 30% want him to run. the speculation is growing now about joe biden's plans. "the washington post" got ahead of itself on monday. it accidentally posted an unfinished article saying that biden is launching a presidential campaign. it cited xxx sources. the story was quickly taken down. the paper says it was inadvertently published. chelsea clinton is here this morning with her own campaign.
7:52 am
can help solve the planet's toughest problems. we watched her grow up in the white house. she is now a mother, vice chair of the clinton foundation and a first-time author. her new bok is called "it's your world. get informed, get inspired and get going." we are pleased to welcome chelsea clinton to studio 57. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> lots to talk about. >> i love the title. >> it's your world, get informed, get inspired, get going. why a first book addressed to children? >> well, when i talk to kids, i'm always so struck about how curious kids are about the world around us and i think how much more perceptive and attentive to what's happening than adults may give them credit for. so i wanted to write a book about some of the biggest issues in our world, particularly those that fall heavily on kids, but also to share inspiring stories of some kids who are doing something about deforestation, about hunger, about child
7:53 am
marriage, to hopefully inform and inspire kids that we can all make a difference. >> have mom and dad had time to read it? >> they have, thankfully. >> it's 400 pages. >> 402 pages. yes, they did read it and my husband was so supportive. i'm really grateful that mark read many versions and gave his unvarnished feedback. >> you were a different kind of kid. i love that you have a letter that you wrote at the age of 5 to president reagan because you were upset about a trip that he was planning to take. so even at 5:00 -- even at the age of 5 you were very aware. tell us about that, this letter and why you wrote it. >> and there are some spelling mistakes. >> that's okay. >> i sheepishly claim now. the first thing i learned how to read was the newspaper. i loved reading the newspaper. this was back before there were websites or apps. it was the old-fashioned kind that ink-stained our hands. i loved reading the newspaper because it gave access to what was happening in the world and i
7:54 am
could make up my own mind about what i wanted to see more of, less of or what i wanted to change. my parents were really supportive of that. president reagan was going to germany and i didn't think an american president should go and pay their respects to a place where nazis were buried. >> you were 5. >> i was 5. i also included my favorite sheet of stickers, rainbow and heart stickers as a gesture of good will so he didn't feel like i was antagonizing him. went. i was very disappointed but at least i had tried. we have an adage that it's always better to get caught trying. i knew my parents were as proud of me for writing the letter than if i got a response. that meant a lot to me. >> one of the things that came out when the state department released all your mother's e-mails was something you wrote about haiti and you were directed and emphatic. you said if we do not quickly
7:55 am
change the organization, thousands, management, accountability and delivery paradigm on the ground, we could quite conceivably confront tens of thousands of children's deaths. i read that and thought, wow, she's like a rotor on the ground for her parents. we've got to move on this. i've seen this with my own eyes. >> well, you have to ask my parents how much of a reality check i am but certainly i do share my opinions. it's probably not surprising since the first thing i learned to read was the newspaper. we've been talking about issues in our community and our world for as long as i can remember. so in many ways that is just a continuation about us talking about the cemetery 30 years ago. i'm really grateful that my parents have always expected me to have an opinion but also expected me to have evidence and data to back up my opinion and my argument. that's a gift they gave me a long time ago is hopefully they still feel good about. >> in the book you say the things you worried about as a kid you still worry about as an adult. >> absolutely. >> you said they're really more interested than we give them
7:56 am
credit for on all the issues. >> i completely agree with that. now having been out across the country talking to middle school students and some older students and younger students across the country, kids are wanting to know what they can do to fight climate change. they want to know what they can do to fight homelessness as norah and i were talking about earlier. so i'm incredibly optimistic that our youngest americans are thinking really seriously about serious problems and what they can each do to solve them. >> let's talk about the campaign and benghazi testimony which is coming up. what do you think your mother has to accomplish there? >> charlie, as i've said before, i'm not a pundit, i'm a daughter. i think every opportunity my mom has, she proves again and again why she should be our next president. i know i'm very biased, and i actually think i'm even more biased now as a mom than as a daughter because i feel like i have a different stake in the future because of my daughter, charlotte. so i have no doubt on thursday she will be remarkable and that americans will really see why i
7:57 am
>> your mother has said in the campaign they think the committee has become politicized. >> i think we'll see what happens on thursday. >> what advice are you giving her as she goes into the campaign, miss letter writer. i'm sure you two talk about it. >> we do talk, but -- >> what you want to share with us at the table. >> we mainly talk about charlotte and our family, i think because she has so many advisers who kind of know this terrain better than i do but she only has one daughter and one granddaughter. i want to create and protect that space for our family. and i am sure -- you've seen this, norah. i see my mother so much more now than i did before charlotte, which is such a gift to see her as a grandmother. that's how i spend most of my time and energy with her. >> it's fair to say your mother was wanting a grandchild very much. >> oh, yes. she told anyone and everyone who asked that question publicly and privately. >> sometimes they say such unkind things in the political
7:58 am
arena about your mom. as your daughter and one of her staunch defenders, how do you take that in? have you just developed a thick skin? do you disregard it? what do you do? >> i think i do have a thick skin. i don't remember a time when people weren't attacking my parents. so in some ways i think as i grew up i developed a thick skin. and i also know my mom. i think it's so much more important to look at kind of what people do and how they lead their lives than what's happening in the echo chamber. i certainly hope to teach that to my daughter and i hope that that's something that generally americans are doing. >> what do you think if joe biden gets in the race? >> i don't know. i think we'll have to see.pas my mom has said, that's very much up to the vice president to make what he thinks is the right choice for himself, for his family and for our country. >> and you and ivanka trump, both strong successful women, have you two managed to remain friends since both your parents aren't always so nice to each other? >> i love ivanka.
7:59 am
our friendship is so much more important than anything that happens in politics. i think probably anyone and everyone could understand that. and so certainly i'm so happy for ivanka. she and jared are expecting their third child. i can't wait to meet the newest member of her family and i just am so grateful tor be her friend and i'm grateful she feels the same about me. >> so you don't call her and say could you ask your dad to stop talking? >> we don't talk about it. >> chelsea clinton, thank you so much for coming. congratulations on the book. >> thank you very much. the high school student suspended over his clock invention meets president obama at the white house. ahead, how the 14-year-old inventor is now setting his
8:00 am
thatat this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by liberty see car insurance in a whole new
8:01 am
light. hi. >> hey, hey, hey. >> we're in the toyota green room with usher here and super bowl mvp ray lewis. usher has taken on some of america's biggest controversies and ray is offering a candid new look at his road to nfl glory. how about that? >> how about that. did you two know each other before? >> yeah. >> you knew each other. >> big fans. >> i was going to make introduction the.introduction. . ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract.
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the stars came out for an astounding night at the white house. president obama hosted the event last night to celebrate space, featured budding scientist, teachers and an astronaut and a young scientist whose controversial clock invention gained international attention. major, good morning. >> at its essence, this story is about time and the time wes live in. about identity, suspicion, power, science and a few other things. we had a chance last night to sit down with the 14-year-old at the center of this saga to talk about his invention and
8:05 am
and is so moved, judge for yourself. >> ahmed mohammed saw stars on the south lawn of the white house. he was one, too, posing for pictures as the embodiment of scientific controversy and in an age of terror. he met stars like astronaut alvin drew before taking his seat to hear president obama. >> we have to watch for and cultivate and encourage those glimmers of curiosity and possibility, not suppress them, not squelch them. >> afterwards, they chanted an encounter that captured an odyssey. >> it's a very long journey, a short journey, but a long journey the experiences. >> what kind of things did you learn? >> i learned that people will always be there to support you if there is an injustice. >> anything else? >> definitely, i need a message of how you shouldn't judge a
8:06 am
person by what they look like, you should always judge a person by their heart. >> reporter: over a month ago, he brought this clock to school d. motive, impress his engineering teacher. his english teacher how is the contraption and thought it might be a bomb. >> how rapidly did you think things were moving in a different direction? >> like that. >> like that. >> ahmed was arfrted and suspended from school. tech executives around the country rallied to his cause and mr. obama took to twitter to praise his innovative spirit. when ahmed said, it might make a difference some day in space. >> we talked about mars and 2030. i talked to him about the generator that i'm making and how it could help people on mars. >> and your motive for making it and bringing it to school was what? >> to impress my teacher. >> what happened was the last. >> yes. instead, i impressed the world.
8:07 am
school, ahmed and his parents have traveled the world. won stop generated more controversy. ahmed posing with the president of sudan, who is indicted on war crimes charges, both of ahmed's parents emigrated from sudan. he told under the circumstances he wanted to honor the invitation and did not want to be rude. gayle, i can tell you, that picture raised eyebrows here at the white house but did not present president obama from saying hello. >> all right, major garrett. we all remember that story, his expression as he's looking at the president. i started to impress the teacher, but i impressed the recalled who. you haven't heard the last of him. coming up next, a special honor for charlie. he meets the students learning to cover the news the cronkite way. you are watching "cbs this morning." in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately
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almost s s >> charlie is back from phoenix this morning. that's where he accepted the walter cronkite reward for excellent in journalism. carley, a tribute to journalists who put their lives on the line. >> i dedicate this award with some respect for the men and women who go into harm's way into dangerous terrain where respect for free press may not be protection that we hoped it would be. they risked their lives and they
8:11 am
horrible ways. it is not new but it seems more freak and each life of a journalist lost in doing what he or she loved to do is a painful reminder of the price that we pay to live in a free society. >> charlie said meeting the students at the prestigious concite school reminded why he got in. past winners include charles osgood and bob schieffer, so certainly well deserved. you are in food company, my friends, can grats. what was it like meeting with the students? >> indeed it was. it's a very good school, by the way, journalism. schieffer said to me you really will be impressed. i was by then. their excitement and sense of wanting to sell e tell stories the interesting lead the
8:12 am
>> you are sitting there, i want to be like you. >> yeah. >> that's nice.
8:13 am
new new music video requires you >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, r & b superstar usher is here to talk about his interactive video. he is in our toyota 14 room him we will discuss his birthday intrapgs. happy birthday, with president obama and the first lady. also if studio 57, former nfl superstar ray lewis the baltimore ravens greatest opening up about his career and controversy. we'll look at his new memoir, plus this, how he thinks the
8:14 am
league is losing its edge. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you headlines from around the globe. britain's teledpraf says prince william urged people to stop buying products like ivory that come from endangered species, emfants and rhinos will be extinct by the time his daughter princess cart turns 25, unless there is action. this isn't the first time williams has addressed the issue. he visited an elephant sanctuary earlier this year to bring attention to their fight. a gilmore girls revival in the words netflix the digital video service is developing a new service starring loren graham as mother as and daughter variety says the new version will be four 90-minute vergs rather than a series. netflix declines to comment. our boy is at the white house for an event with first
8:15 am
lady michelle obama. he says the president expressed sympathy. the wolverines led michigan state in the final seconds when a punting mistake cost them the game. that's still tough. usher's dirs debuted when he was 15 years odd, he's sold out 65 million copies, thank you very much. he brought us hits like, yeah, which earned us a grammy. his burn hit the billboard charts. his confessions, sold more than a million copies in the first week and it won a grammy for best contemporary r & b album. his new song offers a powerful message t. video for change, forces fans to see those he considers victims of racial
8:16 am
>> what am i doing? >> usher joins us at the table. charlie said, what am i doing? a very powerful message, id's so interesting what happened today we had a story early in the news in florida a plaque man was shot by a police officer. he says he was armed we don't know what happened there. >> we probably never will. >> why did you decide now was the time to release this video. it's very unlike anything you have done. >> it's unlike everything i have done. it comes at a time where i think the entire planet is seeing what's going on in terms of the social injustice in america that racial bigotry is diminishing
8:17 am
in the building of my -- i was actually working on my new album and i went to london and i worked with paul edwards, my band, i write about an artist featured in the song bb and i really wanted to talk about something that was relevant. you know, artists in the past, bob dylan, marvin gaye, so many miami use their, this platform to kind of echo the reality of what was going on in the world t. best dramatizations of life happen in music or in art. so why not use this platform and then the technology came later on when i came with the idea that in order to fix the problem, we have to face the problem. so the technology as you said provides that, you look into the eyes of the victims, you hear the song and you begin to make a connection, you know, and that empathy, that compassion, is what i hope this feeling in america that really addresses this issue. >> if you don't turn away from
8:18 am
it, the video stops, you say have you as to watch the video to capture it all? >> you want us staring in the face of these victims? >> actually, you can view it on your phone, that's what i was doing. >> exactly. >> i have the demo to show you again, also on your computer in order, it's an eye tracking technology that, you know, provides you, you know, a connection with the victims. >> don't look away it from. don't look away from it. >> the hash tag is don't look away. >> your performance changed tonight at the concert? >> and a special guest. >> you got to be there. >> initials, usher. did you ever feel targeted yourself? is this a personal message and mix for you as well? >> the personal message is relevant to who we are as a miami. no matter what color. no matter what place we come from. we are all affected and i'm thinking of the future for my children. >> what do you say to them?
8:19 am
>> what do i say to them? >> today about -- >> i mean, part of it is having an education of how to hand tell situation if you are ever addressed or dealt with by law enforcement or officer or anyone of authority. certain rules don't necessarily apply and the benefit of that is not necessarily given. and sometimes a small situation, that could be, you know, basically brought to ease by maybe another officer could get out of hand and that is what happened. not making light of any situation, that has happened, but that is the reality of maybe some police officers or law enforcement. >> you say things can escalate quickly and they don't have to. that's a point that you are making. i'm curious, back to charlie's point about what you say to your young sons, how old are they? i remember when they were born. >> 6 and. >> have you even had this conversation with them? >> he took them to school this morning. >> around this time, i normally
8:20 am
took them to school. >> you normally do. >> actually the first time i played the song for my kids, they were in the studio. as you listen to the song, with liberty and justice for all t. question is for all? yes, for all. and in the second verse, at the top of the second verse, you hear the b's voice saying, pray. >> you recently had a birthday. you got a special surprise from the president and first lady, actually a couple days ago, you the see? what did you think about that? >> i thought that was special. >> if you got to work anywhere in the world on your birthday, why not be at the white house? i was there paying tribute to another artist, who also used his music in an incredible way, marvin gaye in 1971, telling the story of america through the eyes of a vietnam vet, talking about the issues of drugs, powering out of our c cies and issues that were relevant in that time for men and women, more, and what's going on with
8:21 am
such a sophisticate album. it's those albums that have become my inspiration for where i am. normally i'm in this situation where i'm promoting something. i'm not. today i'm really doing something that i feel is a contribution as an artist. i think that we all have to find a way to do something and this is what i could offer and i'm happy. >> but you got a birthday cake from the president and the first lady. >> that doesn't happen that often. >> congratulations. special guest again is who tonight? e, okay. >> the concert will be incredible. incredible. >> everyone, watch this video. very powerful, indeed, usher thank you so much and "change" is available now on title. ray lewis gave it all on the football field, enough for two super bowl rings t. legend is in
8:22 am
he is ready to talk footbaba . former baltimore ravens ray lewis is considered one of the most feared defenders of his generation t. two time super bowl champ is the only nfl player with 40 career sacks and 30 interceptionon
8:23 am
first a look at a massive career. >> let's go! >> reporter: ray lewis spent 17 seasons anchohong a ravens' defense, often considered among the best in the league fans and teammates admire his speed and leadership ility. >> intercepted by ray lewis. >> reporter: lewis first gained attention for the linebacker in miami and entered the nfl draft after his junior year t. baltimore ravens drafted him in the 1st round before the brand-new franchise had an official logo or uniform design. four years later, lewis was arrested and charged in the stabbing deaths of two men outside an atlanta nightclub. he spent 15 days in jail before pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. he was sentenced to a year probation and received a
8:24 am
$250,000 fine from the nfl. >> like i said from beginning, when this first started, i was then and am saying it now i'm innocent. >> reporter: lewis remained focused on football and won his first super bowl ring the following season n. 2013 the all time franchise leaders in tackles and fumble recoveries, announced his retirement. >> today i told my team that this will be my last ride. >> reporter: that ride ended a month later when lewiss brought the vince lombardrd trophy back to baltimore. >> oh! >> baltimore, we coming home, baby, we did it. >> ray lewis is knownwn for his clarity work. his memoir is i feel like going on t. book is published by touchstone, simon and shuster, a division of s. weweome. >> thank you. >> let me begin with a little football heerp.
8:25 am
as a linebacker, what did you want the quarterback to be thinking when ray lewis was across from him at the line of scrimmage? >> not a good night of sleep. i think the position. the position from the historic point of view is always been a position of fear. >> right. >> like that position, it's a a positiononhat says you really don't want to come that route and so that's why when i played. >> whatever your plans are, change it. >> immediately. >> you had an interesting. ray, win went up. you wrote candidly about your dad the incident in atlanta and how you became who you are. i was fascinated what you do with a deck of cards, at an aerial age, yououaid tohis day, you carry around cards, because what? >> it was my way of finding the way through pain. a lot of people think sports was the driving factor t. driving factor for me was to make sure a
8:26 am
man never touched my mom physically. i was raised in a very domestic home. a woman is a high yellow woman, bruises show up quickly. i was a scrawny, skin my little kid. i asked my mom for a deck of cards. she was like, i don't gamble in my house. no, ma, it's not for gambling. it was might have get away that i never had a father to say, daddy, i need help. daddy, come take this pain away from me. so when my mom went through phphical abuse, i would run to my room and flip this deck of cards,f it was seven, i would do seven pushups, a jack, a between, or a ten, if a joker i'd do 50. >> that became my way to say, you know, no pain lasts always so i started getting to a certain point where i started realizeing no matter what pain i felt, i could keep going. sosohat's what i t tnk still to this day when i do pushups, no memory is this one.
8:27 am
i've always said this, children learn exactly what they live. and no child forgetss that pain. and that pain has been the driving factor f me. >> you write about your mom giving you the name ray lewis after a goods smar than that helped her. >> yeah, first day i was born. my dad left. and me wanting to know as a child why doesn't my last name add up? like what everybody else might think the families last night. and mom sent me that one day, listenen i never spepe a word about your father. there are some things you need to know. so i'm like, okay, it seems like, this is how you got your name. it's like a food friends, ray lewis is in the military. i couldn't pay the hospital bills. my ma'am had when i was 15-years-old. after that worked out, he left the day i was born. i was sitting in the incubator with no name. she called him and sasa, would you do me a favor? he said, yeah. he came and signed the birth
8:28 am
certificate as my father and i met him my junior year and i told him that day, thanknkyou. and i promise to make your name great. >> i'm going to make you proud. >> you said this to a toll stranger. but you know it's interesting, i was surprised you write as candidly you do about the incident in atlanta. there are still a lot of bruised feelings there from the victim's families. i wonder it struck me when the police came at you, you were not pleased but you were combative with the police. you were confrontational t. officer walks if, you hold a ferng, waits, wait, i'm on the phone, few had to do that over, ray what do you want us to know about that in. >> if i had to do it over, i would do everything differently. but you know it's kind ofhat's going on totoy, right. back then, if social media existed back then, wow, how i could have used social media back then for camera phones to going on. like my storyry would be totally different. so when this guy approached me. have you towns i had a six month old child in my arm, a
8:29 am
two-year-old son holding on to my leg so for a man, absolutely, when he approachedde t t thing they would tell any person that ever is in that situation, keep your mouth closed. don't say nothing. but let's be brutally honest, right, if you've nevev been in anything like that, you don't really know how to react and i've never, my mom, listen, trouble whereas the last. ever that will come from my mother's family. and sosohen that momentt happened, oh my gosh, me and him are going back and forth. i'm realize what is he's dock, he's luring me into a trap. because the same. that i wrote in my book of me being guilty of obstruction of justice was me simply saying i didn't know. >> you tell quite a story the relationship with your dad. >> yes, ma'am. >> you worked it out. how you became who you are. thank you very much for coming. i feel like going on, it's on
8:30 am
morning."? [cheers and applause] >> announcer: today on rachael ray... >> rachael! >> announcer: we're bringing the flavors of the new york wine and food festival to your kitchen. >> rachael: it smells so good. >> announcer: chef scott conant fantastic lunch. >> rachael: get the vodka in. >> announcer: courtesy of katie lee. rach is on dinner and valerie bertinelli is on dessert. >> rachael: let there be cake! >> announcer: now, are you ready for rachael! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> rachael: all righty. over here. scott, here. all right. [cheers and applause]
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